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Prague Linguistic Circle Papers

Band 1

herausgegeben vonEva HajičováMiroslav ČervenkaOldřich LeškaPetr Sgall


This volume is the first one of the revived series of Travaux, which was the well-known international book series of the classical Prague Linguistic Circle, published in the years 1929-39. The tradition of the Circle still attracts attention in broad circles of European and American linguistics. The first volume of the new series is divided into five sections: 1. Introductory papers characterizing the development of the Prague School in the recent decades; 2. Methodological issues of structural and functional linguistics; 3. Sentence structure; 4. Discourse patterns; 5. Theory of literature. In accordance with the tradition, the volume contains contributions concerning issues of principle, empirical linguistic studies, and also papers from the theory of literature.

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Publication details

Zeitschrift: Prague Linguistic Circle Papers

Band: 1

Year: 1995

DOI: 10.1075/plcp.1

ISBN (digital): 9789027276414


Hajičová Eva, Červenka Miroslav, Leška Oldřich, Sgall Petr (1995) Prague Linguistic Circle Papers 1.