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Enabling interactive exploration of cultural heritage

an experience of designing systems for mobile devices

Carmelo ArditoPaolo BuonoRosa LanzilottiAntonio Piccinno

pp. 79-86


Interaction design of mobile systems is a complex activity because it requires considering new usability and user experience aspects in order to exploit the peculiar characteristics of mobile devices, such as their pervasive and ubiquitous nature. This paper discusses issues about designing, developing and evaluating mobile systems. Italy has a rich cultural heritage, and the focus in this study is on the design of systems that enable interactive exploration of historical sites, not only for enhancing the user experience but also for learning purposes. The experience of the researchers at the Interaction, Visualisation and Usability lab, University of Bari, Italy, in designing a mobile learning system, called Explore!, which supports young students learning ancient history during a visit to archaeological parks, is reported. The evaluation of Explore! through systematic field studies shows that the adopted approach is able to transform the visit to archaeological parks into a more complete and culturally rich experience.

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Published in:

Koskinen Ilpo (2009) Interaction design in Italy. Knowledge, Technology & Policy 22 (1).

Seiten: 79-86

DOI: 10.1007/s12130-009-9079-7


Ardito Carmelo, Buono Paolo, Lanzilotti Rosa, Piccinno Antonio (2009) „Enabling interactive exploration of cultural heritage: an experience of designing systems for mobile devices“. Knowledge, Technology & Policy 22 (1), 79–86.