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Designing urban experiences

the case of Zuidas, Amsterdam

Christian JantzenMikael Vetner

pp. 149-162


Zuidas is a new city centre, which is emerging in the outskirts of Amsterdam. The ambitious project of developing a new international city centre has been carefully planned as the Netherlands has a strong and meticulous tradition for urban planning. The planning has however not only encompassed traditional urban planning aspects such as infrastructure, environmental factors and aesthetics, but has also dealt with the design of urban experiences. Through an introduction of the framework of the structure of experiences, this article examines how urban experiences can be understood and analysed, and deals with how urban experiences can be designed through careful consideration of how experiences are constituted. Taking the psychological structure of experiences into account when designing urbanity is not only interesting, but also highly relevant as Zuidas is competing with other international venues such as La Défense, the Docklands and Potsdamer Platz.

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Published in:

Allingham Peter, Raahauge Kirsten Marie (2008) Constructing significant spaces. Knowledge, Technology & Policy 21 (4).

Seiten: 149-162

DOI: 10.1007/s12130-008-9059-3


Jantzen Christian, Vetner Mikael (2008) „Designing urban experiences: the case of Zuidas, Amsterdam“. Knowledge, Technology & Policy 21 (4), 149–162.