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A walk in the invisible city

Karl Erik Schøllhammer

pp. 143-148


This essay discusses the performative interventions of the contemporary Belgian artist Francis Alÿs in Mexico City and how they create a critical focus on urban reality in the Latin American mega-cities, and outline ways of intervention and interaction in the modern disassociation of the city's economical, social, and cultural levels, taking up the challenge to suggest their unity through imagination and art.

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Published in:

Allingham Peter, Raahauge Kirsten Marie (2008) Reconceptualizing cities. Knowledge, Technology & Policy 21 (3).

Seiten: 143-148

DOI: 10.1007/s12130-008-9056-6


Schøllhammer Karl Erik (2008) „A walk in the invisible city“. Knowledge, Technology & Policy 21 (3), 143–148.