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The dynamics of cyber China

the characteristics of Chinese ICT use

Wai-chi Rodney Chu

pp. 29-35


This paper provides a preliminary examination of the use of information and communication technologies (ICTs)—limited to mobile phone and internet use—in contemporary China. Based on fieldwork undertaken since 2003 in Guangzhou and Beijing, the paper focuses on the relationship between society and technology in the Chinese cultural context. An analysis of the data on ICT use in China shows how Chinese cultural traits and the speed of the ICT evolution in China have combined to bring about a unique cyber experience. This analysis may be helpful to other scholars who wish to compare the impact of ICTs in various cultures or who are interested in discovering how Mainland China went "cyber".

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Published in:

Law Pui-lam, Rodney Chu Wai-chi (2008) Knowledge, Technology & Policy 21 (1).

Seiten: 29-35

DOI: 10.1007/s12130-008-9043-y


Rodney Chu Wai-chi (2008) „The dynamics of cyber China: the characteristics of Chinese ICT use“. Knowledge, Technology & Policy 21 (1), 29–35.