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Are new technologies the enemy of privacy?

Amitai Etzioni

pp. 115-119


Privacy is one good among other goods and should be weighed as such. The relationship between technology and privacy is best viewed as an arms race between advancements that diminish privacy and those that better protect it, rather than the semi-Luddite view which sees technology as one-sided development enabling those who seek to invade privacy to overrun those who seek to protect it. The merits or defects of particular technologies are not inherent to the technologies, but rather, depend on how they are used and above all, on how closely their use is monitored and accounted for by the parties involved. In order to reassure the public and to ensure accountability and oversight, a civilian review board should be created to monitor the government's use of surveillance and related technologies. Proper accountability requires multiple layers of oversight, and should not be left solely in the hands of the government.

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Published in:

(2007) Technology and privacy II. Knowledge, Technology & Policy 20 (2).

Seiten: 115-119

DOI: 10.1007/s12130-007-9012-x


Etzioni Amitai (2007) „Are new technologies the enemy of privacy?“. Knowledge, Technology & Policy 20 (2), 115–119.