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From the editor

Ilpo Koskinen

pp. 1-2


During the past few years, Knowledge, Technology and Policy (KT&P) has been given firm guidance by David Clarke. After his tragic demise in France, I became the next editor of KT&P. Because I did not know him in person, professor Irving Louis Horowitz kindly promised to write about his work and legacy. I feel that the best way to honor his work is to do everything I can to keep KT&P a timely, interesting journal that publishes new knowledge in the area denoted by the three main concepts in the journal’s name.

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Published in:

(2007) Knowledge, Technology & Policy 20 (1).

Seiten: 1-2

DOI: 10.1007/s12130-007-9006-8


Koskinen Ilpo (2007) „From the editor“. Knowledge, Technology & Policy 20 (1), 1–2.