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Cities as spatial and social networks

herausgegeben vonXinyue YeXingjian Liu


This book reports on the latest, cutting-edge scholarship on integrating social network and spatial analyses in the built environment.  It sheds light on conceptualization and Implementation of such integration, integration for intra-city level analysis, as well as integration for inter-city level analysis. It explores the use of new data sources concerning human and urban dynamics and provides a discussion of how social network and spatial analyses could be synthesized for a more nuanced understanding of the built environment.  As such this book will be a valuable resource for scholars focusing on city-related networks in a number of ‘urban’ disciplines, including but not limited to urban geography, urban informatics,  urban planning, urban sociology, and urban studies.

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Urban networks of leisure activities

using douban event to measure interaction in the megacity region of the Pearl river delta

Miaoxi ZhaoWenmin LiangGaofeng XuZhifeng Li

Outlook and next steps

integrating social network and spatial analyses for urban research in the new data environment

Xingjian LiuXinyue Ye


Publication details

Publisher: Springer

Ort: Dordrecht

Year: 2019

Seiten: 238

Series: Human Dynamics in Smart Cities

DOI: 10.1007/978-3-319-95351-9

ISBN (hardback): 978-3-319-95350-2

ISBN (digital): 978-3-319-95351-9


Ye Xinyue, Liu Xingjian (2019) Cities as spatial and social networks. Dordrecht, Springer.