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La teoría histórico-cultural de Vygotski desde una perspectiva fenomenológica

Jorge Montesó Ventura

pp. 107-126


Many times we have discussed about the appropriateness of situating to Vygotski in the Olympus of psychology. Even today, 80 years later, his theories continue creating as many supporters, defenders of his originality, as effusive critics who accuse the methodological shortcomings of his work. In our view, one of the shortcomings that have accused more his work is the lack of a solid theoretical foundation that endows meaning with the available host of data and results. Therefore, the objective of this article is to show a feasible solution that would be to approach, sometimes encounter with certain phenomenological propositions, for that matter, from the phenomenological studies of perception and its attention to the weight of cultural predicates, where the language is the main element and, at the same time, the meeting point with Vygotski which will help strengthen the foundations of its proposal.

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Published in:

San Martín Javier, López Sáenz Maria Carmen (2016) Investigaciones Fenomenológicas 13.

Seiten: 107-126

ISBN (digital): 18851088


Montesó Ventura Jorge (2016) „La teoría histórico-cultural de Vygotski desde una perspectiva fenomenológica“. Investigaciones Fenomenológicas 13, 107–126.