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Levinas and analytic philosophy

Second-person normativity and the moral life

herausgegeben vonMichael Fagenblat(Open University)Melis Erdur


This volume examines the relevance of Emmanuel Levinas’s work to recent developments in analytic philosophy. Contemporary analytic philosophers working in metaethics, the philosophy of mind, and the metaphysic of personal identity have argued for views similar to those espoused by Levinas. Often disparately pursued, Levinas’s account of "ethics as first philosophy" affords a way of connecting these respective enterprises and showing how moral normativity enters into the structure of rationality and personal identity.

Publication details

Publisher: Routledge

Ort: London

Year: 2019

Seiten: 302

Series: Routledge Research in Phenomenology

ISBN (hardback): 9781138615946

ISBN (digital): 9780429462580


Fagenblat Michael, Erdur Melis (2019) Levinas and analytic philosophy: Second-person normativity and the moral life. London, Routledge.