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Wert, Rechtheit und Gut

Adolf Reinach's contribution to early phenomenological ethics

James Smith


Today Reinach is best known for his work on the phenomenology of judgements, states of affairs and social acts. Yet in both his published and unpublished works, ethics are also a significant theme. In a 1913 lecture, Reinach declared the question of whether we have objective knowledge of values – knowledge of what is good, what is moral – to be perhaps the most important in the world. In this book, Adolf Reinach’s work on ethics is explored alongside that of his colleagues and contemporaries. Building from Reinach’s publications and transcripts of his lectures, we examine Reinach’s writings on topics including values, obligations, motivation and freedom, and consider how this work stands up as a contribution to the field of early phenomenological ethics.

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Publication details

Publisher: Bautz

Ort: Nordhausen

Year: 2017

Seiten: 234

Series: Ad Fontes

Series volume: 7

ISBN (hardback): 9783959482929

ISBN (paperback): 9783959482912


Smith James (2017) Wert, Rechtheit und Gut: Adolf Reinach's contribution to early phenomenological ethics. Nordhausen, Bautz.