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Heidegger, Mukařovský a umelecká kritika

Michal Lipták(Institute of Philosophy of Slovak Academy of Sciences)

pp. 361-381


In this article, points of contact between Mukařovský’s and Heidegger’s thinking about art are investigated. These points of contact are identified in the conception of deliberateness and non-deliberateness in Mukařovský and in the contest between the world and the earth in Heidegger. It is argued that these conceptions point to the treatment of a work as continually polarising; polarisation is related to the problematic of the durability of a work of art and of great art, so its character is ultimately normative. These results are finally briefly related to the question of art criticism.

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Published in:

(2018) Filosofický časopis 66 (3).

Seiten: 361-381


Lipták Michal (2018) „Heidegger, Mukařovský a umelecká kritika“. Filosofický časopis 66 (3), 361–381.