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Designing mobile systems in highly dynamic scenarios

the workpad methodology

Shah Rukh HumayounTiziana CatarciMassimiliano de LeoniAndrea MarrellaMassimo MecellaManfred BortenschlagerRenate Steinmann

pp. 25-43


The design of interactive systems to be used in mobile and pervasive scenarios, such as emergency management, requires novel methodologies which combine user-centred design approaches and software engineering approaches tailored for distributed architectures. In this paper, the methodology adopted in a successful research project is presented together with a case study.

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Published in:

Koskinen Ilpo (2009) Interaction design in Italy. Knowledge, Technology & Policy 22 (1).

Seiten: 25-43

DOI: 10.1007/s12130-009-9070-3


Rukh Humayoun Shah, Catarci Tiziana, de Leoni Massimiliano, Marrella Andrea, Mecella Massimo, Bortenschlager Manfred, Steinmann Renate (2009) „Designing mobile systems in highly dynamic scenarios: the workpad methodology“. Knowledge, Technology & Policy 22 (1), 25–43.