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How do you say nature?

opening the design space with a knowledge environment

Lisa NugentSean DonahueMia BerberatYee ChanJustin GierIlpo Koskinen

pp. 269-279


In this paper, we describe a design study on how families in Los Angeles experience nature, with a particular focus on how using alternative formats for research analysis and presentation can enrich a design research inquiry. Conducted in Pasadena, CA as a part of Super Studio, the year-long design research class emphasized knowledge building and sharing through design methods of analysis, exhibition, and concept prototypes. After conducting interviews and engaging participants with probes, the class built the results into an open-ended knowledge environment. The main observation from the exhibition – that Angelenos have a limited vocabulary for describing nature and their interaction with it – helped to define the opportunity for design intervention that created connection points between Angelenos and nature. There are few attempts to describe how probe returns evolve into design concepts. Showcased is a process that depends on the unique affordances of design as the vehicle for discovery and invention.

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Published in:

(2007) Knowledge, Technology & Policy 20 (4).

Seiten: 269-279

DOI: 10.1007/s12130-007-9036-2


Nugent Lisa, Donahue Sean, Berberat Mia, Chan Yee, Gier Justin, Koskinen Ilpo (2007) „How do you say nature?: opening the design space with a knowledge environment“. Knowledge, Technology & Policy 20 (4), 269–279.