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Improving independence of elderly people by introducing smart products

the guide me localization case

J. P. Joore

pp. 59-69


What are the potential benefits of introducing technological innovations when working on issues with a wider societal impact? Focusing on a specific care and housing corporation for elderly people, the Sustainable System Innovation process has been used to translate an innovation challenge on macro societal level: "How can we deal with the challenges that occur due to the aging of society?" to a concrete innovation challenge on microtechnological and user level: "How can a tracking device be designed for optimal use by elderly person and care giver?"

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Published in:

(2007) Knowledge, Technology & Policy 20 (1).

Seiten: 59-69

DOI: 10.1007/s12130-007-9001-0


Joore J. P. (2007) „Improving independence of elderly people by introducing smart products: the guide me localization case“. Knowledge, Technology & Policy 20 (1), 59–69.