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Erratic appliances and energy awareness

Anders ErneviSamuel PalmJohan Redström

pp. 71-78


We are exploring how to increase energy awareness through critical interaction design, creating objects that expose issues related to energy consumption in various ways. To draw attention to energy beyond ordinary conceptions as a technical solution in everyday life, we inquire into other ways of relating to energy in design and to uncover the properties of energy as a design material. To learn more about how energy can be made more present in product design, we have been redesigning a series of everyday objects around the theme of "erratic appliances". As household energy consumption increases, these appliances start to behave strangely. The aim was to use designerly and experience-based means to make people aware of their energy consumption instead of measuring energy consumption solely with meters and numeric displays.

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Published in:

(2007) Knowledge, Technology & Policy 20 (1).

Seiten: 71-78

DOI: 10.1007/s12130-007-9007-7


Ernevi Anders, Palm Samuel, Redström Johan (2007) „Erratic appliances and energy awareness“. Knowledge, Technology & Policy 20 (1), 71–78.