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Fink und Kants Dialektik

Yusuke Ikeda

pp. 75-94


This paper elucidates Fink’s phenomenology of the world in its basic conception by illustrating his Kant-interpretation. However, some scholars support that his conceptions are not related to Kant’s transcendental dialectic but rather generated from Hegelian speculative one. In contrast to those views in secondary literature, this study demonstrates, on the one hand, the decisive meaning of Kant’s transcendental dialectic, especially the “cosmological antinomy”, for the formation of Fink’s philosophy as a whole and, on the other hand, how Fink elucidates phenomenologically the problem of the pre-givenness of the world by criticizing Kantian so called Copernican turn and transforming his architectonic of the transcendental philosophy.

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Published in:

Nielsen Cathrin, Schnell Alexander (2022) Eugen Fink und die Phänomenologie. Phänomenologische Forschungen – Neue Folge 2022 (2).

Seiten: 75-94


Ikeda Yusuke (2022) „Fink und Kants Dialektik“. Phänomenologische Forschungen – Neue Folge 2022 (2), 75–94.